Things I Love Thursday #23

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Seeing Edinburgh with fresh eyes. Before we met, The Boy went travelling in Canada, and while he was there he happened to meet the lovely and talented Ms Miriam Parker: artist, writer and Rapunzel-haired wonderwoman. This past summer I also met her, and since she is a restless globetrotter, I easily convinced her to come and spend some time in Edinburgh. Last week she arrived with her lovely boy Lukasz, and they quickly decided they wanted to stay for quite a while, so I got to work showing them round, helping them to look for flats and jobs, and introducing them to all the cool places in the city. We spent a day wandering the streets I’ve lived among for over five years, with me jumping up and down like a kid pointing and squealing “and that’s an awesome restaurant, too… and you have to go to that store… and that place has the best chocolate brownie in Midlothian (Forest, of course)!” It made me realise all over again what a freaking awesome city I live in, and it made me grateful for the life I have here, too. Seeing Edinburgh with fresh eyes made me want to show it to all of you, too — hence my literary tour of Edinburgh! I might be coming to your city soon, too, you never know!

Gil Elvgren’s pin-ups. I’ve always loved this guy’s work — particularly his witch, who I’ve been thinking of adapting in some way for a tattoo… we’ll see! Anyway, The Boy is a huge Elvgren fan (he already has an Elvgren-inspired pin-up tattoo on his lower left forearm) and just bought a really cool Elvgren page-per-day calendar, which displays a different pin-up beauty on every page. I’m not just into the kitschy cool of these paintings, I love what they represent. Although some people see them as smutty and demeaning, I actually think that in this day and age, when unnatural female body ideals are held up far too high, they’re empowering. Real curvaceous women are hard to come by these days — we need a new Gil Elvgren!

Dining in a treehouse. For my sister’s 21st, we went out for a family meal last weekend, but not just to any old restaurant… we went to this place. Yep, that is a treehouse… and inside it is a lovely wholefood restaurant… blazing open fire, cool carved chairs and tables, heaps of fairy lights and candles and amazing food. It was a freezing cold day and it was lovely to walk into the coziness of every kid’s dream treehouse! We all got dressed up for the occasion, too… pics on my Flickr soon!

Read This Issue 14. Yep, I already said this, but… I think it’s our best issue ever. It’s decorated with these brilliant illustrations by the amazing Amy Bernays, and it also contains a piece of short fiction she wrote. We’re also featuring new poetry by Samuel Prince, Tamarisk Kay, Andrew Burke, Ryan Lamon (future ONS Featured Poet!) and the fantastic Howard Good. I always think our latest issue is our best, but… grab a copy, you won’t be disappointed!

The Read This store. I can’t believe it took us so long to set it up — so many of you have asked how you can get issues of RT outside the UK, and finally we’ve sorted something out! The store looks great and although Etsy is not totally ideal, it’s a pretty cool place to be. Go have a look, guys… you can get single issues, 6 month subs, 12 month subs and retroactive subscriptions, too. And all the money you spend goes into making RT bigger, better and more beautiful!

Honourable mentions: big warm duvets // impromptu poetry workshops // reading novels and being surprised by their amazingness // friends’ achievements // sweet emails from total strangers // silly action movies // spending time with my ‘rents // writing successful poems // nosying around other people’s flats // clearing out old posessions // birthday candles // Blackwells final January sale reductions

Now you, guys!

(Images uploaded by cambie a ! :), originally by Gil Elvgren)

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