Procrastination Station #23

Love link list link love.

The Guardian Books Blog are listing the 1000 novels everyone should read… how many have you read? (I have read 22 of the 100 sci fi ones, but only 9 from the love category which is mostly classic literature… which means I am a bigger geek than I thought!)
Also… Poster poems: sport // Literature mash-ups // How well do you know Edgar Allen Poe? // Poetry workshop: the elegy (deadline 4th Feb!) // Can you read and listen at the same time? // Is it possible to lose the will to read? // and I was really pleased to hear that Neil Gaiman won the Newbery Medalyay!

A tongue-in-cheek guide to publishing your prose.

8 tips for dealing with criticism from The Happiness Project.

These are apparently the 100 most beautiful words in the English language.

Heaps of cool stuff on a handful of stones recently! Former Featured Poets, McGuire and Shirla White, were published next to one another… and today I was greeted by this little gem. LOVE this zine so much!

The future of books on the Tube (or any other public transport really)… thanks, Annie! + some other underground shenanigans (which I think are v. cool).

Experimental typography (I am turning into a bit of a typography geek lately. Sorry)!

How’s about this for a weird and awesome workshop exercise?

You guys should definitely check out the blog of poet Kevin Cadwallender. His work is awesome… and he’s a lovely guy, too!

Lovely, lovely Hamlet tattoo from Contrariwise… and another that’s just freakin’ awesome! Kind of related: robots!

Are you enough of a Tolkien geek to order a Lord of the Rings cake? What about Poe’s Raven?


Amazing, amazing sculptures… and I was informed about them by the lovely and talented Hilary Dawson, stellar tattoo artist.

I adored this post. (Steve!)

Do you know anyone who can pull off a ruff — yes, a ruff — as well as homemade-clothing-queen Kirke?

+ finally: want.

Have a lovely weekend, writerlies!

(Photo by ☂c r a c k e d m i r r o r)

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4 Responses to “Procrastination Station #23”

  1. Col Says:

    On the 1000 books I didn’t score that highly either:
    35 sci fi
    12 war and travel
    10 State of the nation
    9 Family and self
    8 Love
    6 Comedy
    (though I have read several more authors listed, just not the particular book that was listed… Heh, I’m just trying to make up ground on only having read 80 /1000 )

    As for the 100 most beautiful words, well, I could add a few.
    How about ‘gracious’
    Or how about ‘zygote’ which is great in terms of meaning that it is the fusion of the sperm and ova. The beginnings of life and it comes right at the end of the dictionary. This pleases me no end.

  2. Claire Says:

    Zygote is a great word!

    But you don’t have to worry too much about the 80 books — you have only read 80/600 actually… they still have four more categories to list!

  3. Claire Says:

    Juliet! Sorry, your comment was claimed by the evil spam monster. I apologise!

    (In case anyone was wondering, Juliet ( — check it out! — made the very interesting point that the sci fi list is very much literary and not so much genre-based, hence, she has read more of the books than her die-hard sci-fi fan partner! I also have a sci-fi geek partner who thought the list was not very typically sci fi. Thoughts?)

  4. Allen Duberstein Says:

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