More from this week’s Featured Poet Richard Wink

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The ne’er-do-well’s who never followed Desiderata

With hands in my pockets
I wear a dead serious expression
when I sign on.
There is doom saying in the Eastern Daily Press
men who read the paper can’t hear
me with those white wires trickling
down the back of their necks.
I tell them I’ve been searching for work
maybe I’m overqualified
maybe I’m fussy
maybe I should swallow my pride
and go back to the factory

Didn’t bother cutting through by the School of Art
on the way back home
because it galls me to watch those
full of opportunity
you don’t really want to tell them
that the road is already too crowded and
the footprints well worn.
You don’t want to tell them the alternative footpaths
are all overgrown

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(Photo by Ronald Hackston)

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    love this poem.
    I can’t wait to see the interview!

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