Procrastination Station #27

List of link love…

What writers earn // Poster poems: walking // Wendy Cope’s writing room // AL Kennedy’s fantastic new column! // Margaret Atwood even makes mistakes elegantly // & let’s hope this happens

Some poetry prompts… inspired by journalling

A reading from one of the last great Beats

Found online this week… at a handful of stones: former Featured Poet Shirla White // Skin Deep and Read This contributor Christian Ward // and great poet/Read This contributor Ainslee Meredith — Ainslee also has a blog! // Amanda O also set up a new blog, as I mentioned yesterday… // so did poet and ONS reader, the lovely Lindis // and so did The Boy’s very talented mammie, Karen… check it out!

Crying on the Rocks, blog of the wonderful Heather Bell, is officially my new favourite. This week she’s posted a useful list of writing resources and a great (and funny) piece on writing in the second person. She’s also doing the whole Featured Poet thing, and last week she featured Morganne CouchRead This and Skin Deep contributor, whose stuff I love. You can see her work — including some fantastic artwork — here, and an interview here.

Why you should write a personal mission statement

Be more self confident…

…act like your idols are watching!

Tori Amos co-writes a poetry slam book!

Canada = awesome

Amazing pictures: Guantanamo Bay // Antarctica // Illuminated factories // London from above // A bar inside a tree // earth-buildings // strange houses // more strange houses // & Lindis pointed me in the direction of this urban decay gallery… thanks!

Passive-aggressive pastries and creepy cakes

Awesome tattoo!

…and speaking of tattoos: oh dear.

Have a great weekend, all! x

(Photo by εïз Butterfly LXT εïз)

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4 Responses to “Procrastination Station #27”

  1. Al Says:

    Hi - not so much a comment on the above links - instead thought I’d share another one with ONS readers!

    Elizabeth Gilbert makes an interesting point in her ‘creative genius’ talk but is particularly entertaining on poet Ruth Stone (from about 9.50 mins on) and on Tom Waits, too.

  2. H. Says:

    YAY thanks for the mention of COTR! (Haha, abbreviated, that reminds me of Lord of the Rings … )

    And all those Pingback things … I have no idea how to do them haha!! Check out my latest blog post - Adam Deutsch is doing a really super cool project and everyone should send him something!


  3. Lindis Says:

    you´re welcome :) the weird houses are awesome! :D

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