this collection update: the Top 100 Poems are here!

So, presumably you all remember my this collection project? Our original idea was to collect 100 poems, each of 100 words or less, from Edinburgh poets of all ages and abilities… then to pass them on to a group of budding young filmmakers, to create a visual/poetic fusion and capture 100 tinty snapshots of life in our beautiful city!

Well, we received hundreds and hundreds of poetry submissions — lots more than we expected, and some really great poets came forward to offer up their works. It’s taken us ages to sort out the ones we really wanted, but finally, it’s done. The Top 100 Poems are here!

No. 1: Betwixt by Elaine Webster
No. 2: Lonely City by Jim Murdoch
No. 3: Mellis, Victoria Street by Vivien Jones
No. 4: To Edinburgh by Russell Jones
No. 5: Crags by Dave Coates
No. 6: Stopping by Stefanie Tan
No. 7: MacAdam’s Inventory O A Tourist Trap by Andrew Philip
No. 8: And Nothing Worth Remembering by Florian Raith
No. 9: The Piteous Pine by Florian Raith
No. 10: The Forgotten Orchard of Craiglockhart by Jonathan Memel
No. 11: The Guid Room by Angela Blacklock-Brown
No. 12: Tollcross by Dilys Rose
No. 13: Tarvit Street, 2am by Dilys Rose
No. 14: Edinburgh Summer by Norman Bissett
No. 15: The Fringe by Miha Pintaric
No. 16: Going Home by Aiko Harman
No. 17: Between Lauriston Gardens and Lauriston Park by Aiko Harman
No. 18: Union Canal by Vicki Allardice
No. 19: Cafe Life Slice by Jean Atkin
No. 20: At Greyfriars Bobby’s Pub by Ken Pobo
No. 21: It by Brian McCabe
No. 22: Buddha by Brian McCabe
No. 23: Great Junkie Street Aye by JL Williams
No. 24: Edinburgh Haiku by Alan Gay
No. 25: First Aid in the Botanic Gardens by Alan Gay
No. 26: Niddrie by Claire Askew
No. 27: The Number 31 bus taken from Lasswade by Nicholas Goodrick
No. 28: Animal Haven by Juliet M Wilson
No. 29: The Business of Ravens by Roxanne Paris
No. 30: The Septuagenarian and the Quartermile by Roxanne Paris
No. 31: Corstorphine, Midnight by Rob A Mackenzie
No. 32: Lady Edinburgh by Tatjana Pfennig
No. 33: Rebels of this timeless town by Niki Ανδρικοπούλου
No. 34: View over Nicolson Street by Benjamin Dahlbeck
No. 35: Portobello by Morgan Downie
No. 36: Scene by Morgan Downie
No. 37: Anonymous by Dan Mussett
No. 38: From Saturday to Monday by Jason Monios
No. 39: Happy Birthday Hole by Jason Monios
No. 40: Morningside by Andrew C Fergusson
No. 41: Newington, EH9 by Andrew C Fergusson
No. 42: Gallows-birds and Graveyards by Hayley Shields
No. 43: January by Hayley Shields
No. 44: Southside II & III by Lauren Pope
No. 45: Perfume by Magnus Huntly-Grant
No. 46: His Side O The Story (Forthview Primary) by Simon Jackson
No. 47: Landlocked in the Port of Leith by Simon Jackson
No. 48: Postcode by Becca Hotchen
No. 49: An Edinburgh Invitation by Sue Armstrong
No. 50: Festive, All by Greg Whelan
No. 51: After the last tattoo by Christie Williamson
No. 52: Calton Hill by Antonia Leslie
No. 53: Ardmillan Lullaby by Mary Grundy
No. 54: 33 by Jonny Stockford
No. 55: Newington Road by Jonny Stockford
No. 56: Currie by Dorothy Baird
No. 57: Broken by Robyn Archer
No. 58: Transformation by Christine de Luca
No. 59: Edinburgh Volte-Face by Christine de Luca
No. 60: Telepathy by Tom Bristow
No. 61: Ministry of Memory by Tom Bristow
No. 62: Dùn Éideanns by Martin Mac an t-Saoir
No. 63: Imlach by Andrew Greig
No. 64: Scotland by Andrew Greig
No. 65: The Hanging Stanes by Sam Meekings
No. 66: To The Man Sleeping on Nicolson Square by Ellie Blow
No. 67: Conspiracy of Buses by Jane McKie
No. 68: La Plage by Jane McKie
No. 69: Broughton Street by Jess Winch
No. 70: The Castle by Mairi Sharratt
No. 71: Lunchtime in Leith by Martin Raymond
No. 72: How does a bookies have a sale anyway? by Chris Lindores
No. 73: The Pubic Triangle by Chris Lindores
No. 74: Walls by Fiona Morrison
No. 75: Where it lies by Struan Robertson
No. 76: The River At Cramond by Aileen Ballantyne
No. 77: John Knox’s Grave by Aileen Ballantyne
No. 78: Cables by Kate Charles
No. 79: Mary King’s Close by Aileen Lobban
No. 80: Edin Unfurling by Gemma White
No. 81: The Windy City by Kat Maher
No. 82: Tradesmen Visit by Finlay Gall
No. 83: Waking up with Edinburgh by Helle Häng
No. 84: Jawbone Walk by Julia Sanchez
No. 85: Circus Lane by Ivan Landers
No. 86: Sweet Sandy by McGuire
No. 87: Scarlet by Roddy Lumsden
No. 88: On an Old Scots Dictionary by Robby Lumsden
No. 89: The Summer of EH26 by Anita John
No. 90: After the Festival by Anita John
No. 91: A Recipe for Whisky by Ron Butlin
No. 92: A Lifetime by Ron Butlin
No. 93: A Winter Walk Along Lauriston Place by Lara Barbier
No. 94: Aig Dachaidh/At Home by Aonghas Macneacail
No. 95: Dead Plastic Crow by Aonghas Macneacail
No. 96: Princes Street by Alan Gillis
No. 97: Class by Irene Brown
No. 98: Same place, different view by Anna Dickie
No. 99: Overflow by Priscilla Chueng-Nainby
No. 100: Detained by Struan Robertson

That’s your weekend reading sorted!

(Photo by Mellowmark)

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2 Responses to “this collection update: the Top 100 Poems are here!”

  1. swiss Says:

    wow! i’m very, very impressed. well done and much respect to you and all involved. looking forward to seeing what comes next…

  2. Weston You-don't-need-to-know-no-last-name Says:

    should’ve seen that collection sooner.