Favourite poems from YouTube: Part 5, your choices!

I asked for your favourite poems from YouTube, and you answered!

Here’s Frank O Hara’s ‘Having a coke with you,’ text here, suggested by Col:

And Morganne suggested three poems…
Distinctly Beautiful by Carlos Andrés Goméz:

Miles Hodges, Teen Poetry Slam 2008 Finalist:

& the freaking awesome Rachel McKibbens with Marty McConnell, rockin’ out (LOVE the last line!):

Got more favourites? I want to hear them!

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6 Responses to “Favourite poems from YouTube: Part 5, your choices!”

  1. Rowena Knight Says:

    This is awesome:


  2. William Soule Says:

    I absolutely loved the O’Hara poem. It was amazing how the poem ventured off to all these different things that had nothing to do with Coke.

  3. morganne Says:

    That is what I love about ONS,
    you’re not just giving advice and
    sharing with US, we can also
    share with YOU.

    I love Miles Hodges voice. UUUHOU!

  4. Mohammed Hidalgo Says:

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