Procrastination Station #35

Short one this week, to make up for the epic-ness of last week!

Think you’ve got library fines?! // The writer’s struggle… // Pocast: laureates on poetry for children // Bookcross, people! // & RIP, JG Ballard (more tributes here and here).

Recycle your books… into vases? For real! (thanks Amanda!)

Jim pointed me in the direction of Poetry Through The Ages: An Expressive Journey. Tricky to navigate, but I love the clicky-bubbles! (Yep, technical term! — works best in Firefox, btw.)

If I wasn’t renting, I would tile my whole house with these!

Rachel is talking with Ted… lovely recording from Crow, too!

Found online this week: Howard Good (RT14 and RT17 contributor!) is over at Bolts of Silk // …so is ONS reader and blogger Colin Will (get well soon, Colin!) // a handful of stones is featuring former FP Tom Rendell // RT ed Dave Coates has a new poem up at his blog // …and ONS regular Col has posted some cool visual poetry on his! // + Stephen Nelson finds visual poetry within his surroundings… I really like this latest offering.

Scarlett Johannson is so cool.

The worst homemade Star Wars costumes ever (supposedly… I was actually quite impressed by some of them! Tiny bucket-headed stormtrooper? Very cute.)

Great movie trivia: The Goonies, The Wizard of Oz

The world’s smallest Pacman game… warning: horrible time-eater! (via)

Your weekly ‘great tattoos!’ link

& this stop-mo is absolutely amazing!:

Have a great weekend! x

(Photo by Thomas Hawk)

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5 Responses to “Procrastination Station #35”

  1. Col Says:

    It’s always chewie that bears the brunt of dodgy costumes. Woolie chewie wearing glasses, and looking very sheepish about it though is good for a laugh.
    Thanks for the link too…

    …Goonies!! Hey you guys!!

  2. David Says:

    That pacman is almost evil… :os

    But only almost. :)

    And am I the only person who’s not seen The Goonies… I was in another country at the time. :os

  3. H. Says:

    The kids costumes are adorable, looks like something my little brother would do (he would only wear a batman costume for like a year when he was about 5). For everyone else - hahahhahaha.


  4. ┼čifal─▒ bitkiler Says:

    good (article|information) thanks

  5. down Says:

    Thanks for post \o/