This week’s Featured Poet is Michael Lee Johnson

Michael Lee Johnson is a poet and freelance writer from Itasca, Illinois. He is the author of The Lost American: from Exile to Freedom. He has also published two chapbooks of poetry and is presently looking for a publisher for two more. He has been published in USA, Canada, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland, Turkey, Fuji, Nigeria, Algeria, Africa, India, United Kingdom, Republic of Sierra Leone, Nepal, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Finland, Malaysia and Poland internet radio. Michael Lee Johnson has been published in more than 240 different publications worldwide. Audio MP3 of poems are
available on request. He is also publisher and editor of four poetry flash fiction sites–all presently open for submission: Birds by the Window, Poetic Legacy, A Tender Touch, Wizards of the Wind. Author website: Poetry Man

Cicada Bugs and Carol

I walk this pain and joy
like a deity with you
for life it seems inhabits us
like a run on sentence
for no assumed reason.
17 years together
since the last calling
of the cicadas-
nothingness but for their noise,
loud buzzing wings,
no reason to stay
no reason to part.
We smell
lilacs bushes
together briefly-
take down
an apple or two-
ride rusty
old bicycles together
to a destination
neither of us
have been
to before.
Nymphs drop
to the ground
and burrow the wood,
Will I see
you in 2024?

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(Photo by Hartlandmartin)

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  1. Regina Says:

    I posted a comment earlier from today but just in case it got lost somewhere… I did want to let you know what a wonderful site you have here… I really look forward to perusing through the archives and reading all the wonderful poetry!

  2. Cantona Says:

    Hello, excellent web site. We really discovered this upon Bing, and i ‘m happy Used to do. I’ll certainly be coming back right here more often. Desire I could increase the discussion as well as bring a little more to the table, however am just taking in as much data because I can at the moment. Thank you

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