Procrastination Station #37

Links of the week!

A new poem from Carol Ann Duffy // Duffy: I can still write better // Duffy and Fanthorpe // An amazing tour of all our Poet Laureates… in pictures // AL Kennedy on the inspiration to write // More on JRR’s new poems…

…and yet more! (Sorry, Tolkien fangirl).

A roundup of Carol Ann Duffy articles from recent days.

I love the guerilla literature of altered books.

Can you do something you love, and screw paying the bills, really??

Calling all notebook geeks!

I love this mad writing space from Sitting Pretty.

Found online this week: ONS newcomer Regina has a lovely poetry blog! // and she was featured at Bolts of Silk recently, too // a handful of stones hosted former RT-er Chloe Waterfield, and former Featured Poet Tom Rendell // Tom has also started an essay blog, check it out! // former FP Phoebe Salzman Cohen caught the attention of ONS regular Phillipa // and two sad and beautiful new poems — Conversation with Allison and Telephone Call to Christopher — by former FP Heather Bell.

More movie trivia!: Big Fish and that movie that all the emo kids have commandeered.

Some incredible graffiti…

…and some more. (via)

Barcode art. (via)

A good argument in favour of Totally Stylin’ Barbie.

and believe it or not… this is an ad for Scrabble!

Have a great weekend! x

(Photo by d.rex)

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8 Responses to “Procrastination Station #37”

  1. tattoosday Uk Says:

    Hey there, just Mel from tattoosday saying thank you very much for posting a link to our site! I wrote the piece you posted, so I really appreciate that, thank you :) Take care! Xxx

  2. Regina Says:

    Oh, thank you so much for your special mention! Really, I am quite flattered!
    I am so enjoying your blog here- it’s helped me in so many ways already and really enlightened me to a lot of new poetry- poetry that I think a lot of us in the US might miss out on!
    Hope you are feeling better- and thanks again!
    Now I am off to click on all these other linkies!
    Thanks again.

  3. Regina Says:

    Had to just say- loved all the links here… altered books and sitting pretty! I’ve bookmarked those!
    The two beautiful poems by Heather and the new one by Carol Ann- oh, my- just wonderful!
    Thanks for all this!

  4. H. Says:

    Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!


  5. Phoebe Salzman-Cohen Says:

    That’s the coolest scrabble ad I’ve ever seen.

  6. mattress toppers Says:

    pccqqcgbbbdgnqfsput, delo, jSPtyivu.

  7. Christian Reichmann Says:

    Well done It was a excellent piece of writing. Do continue when you are. We will be excitedly waiting.

  8. program Says:

    Thanks for post \o/

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