This week’s Featured Poet is Weston T Holder

Weston is a young poet (just 13!) and a regular commenter here at ONS — I also know his work from his deviantART scribblings! He wanted to introduce himself, so here’s a little information about him, and the first of three of his poems. Enjoy!

“My name is Weston T. Holder, I live in McDonough, Georgia, and I go to a private school. I’m possibly the biggest dork ever, I’ve written about 60 poems, and I’m currently working on a rough manuscript for a poetry book and a 10-page short story. I’m a huge poetry fan, from the likes of Jude Skylar to the brillance of Will Soule. My dreams are to be published and maybe become that one huge position, The U.S. Poet Laureate! I also hope to win next year’s Scholastic Writing Award, for the heck of it. I am a Baptist Christian — my religon doesn’t influence my poetry much, but e.e. cummings does. I hope to be a great poet someday, and some have said I have irrevokable talent and potential (I don’t agree with them). I’ll write on any subject, from hate to loneliness to ashes. Many of my poems have been written during school time and carried around on torn scraps of paper all day. I’ve been writing for almost eight months. This gets a little personal, but i’m actually in love with another poet my age, which is a scary and rare thing to find.”


When feelings come to
Pass ill return to this place
And find that the grove
Was just to save face.

And the shoreline’s edge
Came lapping the dead oak
And the salt killed the dirt
And let the rest choke.

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(Photo by D-Kav)

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5 Responses to “This week’s Featured Poet is Weston T Holder”

  1. Weston T. Holder Says:

    I see you used the bio…
    Not my best choice of words.
    I didn’t know you would be posting that. My bad.

  2. Regina Says:

    Oh, well done, Weston- liked the poem very much!

  3. Weston T. Holder Says:


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