This week’s Featured Poet Weston T Holder interviewed…

Tell us about your poems.
Gosh… I don’t really have a ‘style’. I write because some have said I’m good. I’ve turned to short stories as of late… for no particular reason. I usually write about morbid subjects… and I have a small series on ashes. Of course, I haven’t revealed those to the not-so-adoring public… and I might not do it now!

How long have you been writing?
About 7/8 months. My first twelve ‘poems’ were written in one night.

Do you have any publications to your name? What’s the next stage for your work?
No, but I’ve thought about it. Starting with ONS! My next stage is… getting more responses to my poetry. And getting published.

What do you think is your biggest poetic achievement to date?
Experimenting with new types of poems. And Red Mahogany. And I like coffee!

What’s the best thing about writing poetry? And the worst?
The best thing is being known for what you write — not by who you are. The worst? Not being known for who I am. :D

Got any suggestions for young, upcoming poets?
All critique is good. ALL OF IT. Even if it says you suck. You can use it to improve.
Don’t stop writing. Get bored? Try something else. Write a short story (even if it does end up being about 10 pages…). Find something you’re good at. Watch some clouds or shadows. Find something inspiring. Doesn’t matter what.

Who/what influences your poetry?
My family, conversations, fire, destruction, prisons, pictures, things off the NASA website, visits to museums, love, lies, hate. They all influence the poems I write.


this just
isn’t ri

you don’t
have a second

first impress
ion it’s
just the
way things

;yetthe sky
flows o
n north,.

into for
land is, not th
e best joint
o n theblock

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  1. Regina Says:

    Good suggestions there, Weston… and a great interview!
    Thanks for sharing a bit about yourself and your poetry!

  2. Weston T. Holder Says:

    well, it’s not a problem.

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