Procrastination Station #39


I really don’t want to give too much attention to this issue or this woman at all — but I do agree that, regardless of other factors, Mr Walcott’s poetry is truly incredible, and we all need to remember that // in other news: Benjamin Zephaniah!

Ten Questions for Poetry Editors

Jim gave me a heads-up to the Top 100 Poetry Blogs, and particularly How A Poem Happens. Thanks Jim!

How to deal with distractions.

A great list poem from the Writer’s Almanac.

Found online this week: A great series of choruses from Eric Hamilton’s latest poetry project // Former Featured Poet McGuire on Summer Apples // Input/Output from ONS regular Col // New work from former FPs Ryan Lamon, Morganne Couch and Chris Lindores // Blood Pudding Press, being nice about ONS. Buy some of their stuff!

Tattoo stuff!: I am always wary of this particular tattoo, but I think this example is lovely // a tattoo for maths geeks! // a gorgeous gallery of tattoo photos // a gorgeous gallery of tattoo paintings

Weird conditions of the human mind…

I just discovered a load of cool new photo blogs: Happiest People Ever // Awkward Family Photos // Junk Shop Photos (some via)

I also love Maybe You Shouldn’t Buy That new writing pen, anyone?!

Terrifying diets.

And finally… love this!

Have a great weekend! x

(Photo by allthishappiness)

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5 Responses to “Procrastination Station #39”

  1. Matt Says:

    Hello. I love that Sheena Pugh (great poet, saw her reading a few weeks ago) pointed out, quite rightly, that scandal doesn’t stop anybody reading or writing great poetry; a lot of the Guardian columnists often come out with the weirdest and laziest of remarks. “Real poets are rare” — what’s a “real” poet - someone who wears a tudor smock and rhymes well?


  2. Regina Says:

    Oh, Claire- you’ve outdone yourself today… what a great post!
    I esp. liked the Benjamin Zephaniah interview, the Summer Apples poem , the tattoo- that is a good one!- and the photo blogs- hilarious!
    Well done!
    Oh, and that whole business of the scandal- I find it very sad.

  3. Col Says:

    Cheers for the link, Claire. I just scrolled down and realised that I haven’t posted any comments here in a while. Sorry about that. Love getting these link lists, it saves so much time not having to trawl the net for interesting poetry!

  4. William Soule Says:

    Walcott is amazing! But what does everyone have against him? What happened exactly?

  5. Cassandra Says:

    All those beautiful tattoo photos make me want to go get more…now!! Alas, such things cost $$$. Thank you for the link inspiration.