Featured Magazines #14: The Cadaverine

Hello, my name’s Claire, and I am addicted to The Cadaverine.
No, seriously — run by young writers for young writers, it’s a friendly and funky space were you can submit work year-round… basically, it’s everything a literary e-zine ought to be.

One: Like I say, The Cadaverine is run by young writers and literary enthusiasts. They know what it’s like to be you. They don’t have crazily high standards or ridiculous expectations. They want to hear your ideas no matter how weird or wacky they are. They’re incredibly friendly in the responses they send back to submitters and always have a personal word to say — editor Gemma’s comments on my works were really lovely, she’d obviously taken proper time to read and think about them. Not something you get often!

Two: These guys are more than just an e-zine — they accept submissions of works-in-progress and happily offer editorial suggestions and advice, something I have never come across before and was really blown away by. They’ll even make editorial suggestions on poems you might think are ‘done’ — if they think something might work better another way, they’ll let you know. Not everyone likes this, but it’s incredibly helpful and again shows a personal touch that hardly any literary magazines bother with.

Three: This publication is a bit of a big deal. Thanks to the hard work and great attitude of the people who run it, as well as the high quality and great variety of pieces it presents, The Cadaverine has gained a reputation for itself as a publication to watch, read, support. They’ve even achieved the near-impossible — arts council funding for a literary magazine!

Four: They’re genuinely passionate about promoting new British literature and British writers (I’m not sure if non-British writers can submit or not — there’s nothing to say so on the site, but they do specify a commitment to “the new voices of British literature.” Query it with them if you want to submit but are unsure!).

Five: They don’t have a lot of crazy submission guidelines — like I say, they just want to see your work. The only rules for poetry are: no more than 6 poems, send a bio and photo with your submission, and let them know if it’s a work in progress you’re submitting. Nothing else — just whizz your stuff off in the direction of thecadaverine@mac.com!

Six: you can spend hours there perusing the archives and reading all the fantastic writing on offer. While you’re there, look out for former ONS Featured Poets Suzannah Evans, Josh Seigal, Amy Blakemore… and there’s also little old me!

So get over there already — read, write, submit!

Know an e-zine, journal or other literary publication that deserves some love? Tell me about it in the comments box or drop me a line to claire@onenightstanzas.com!

(Photo by Noora Suliman)

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4 Responses to “Featured Magazines #14: The Cadaverine”

  1. Christian Ward Says:

    I do enjoy reading The Cadaverine from time to time. The quality of poetry on offer is wonderful. I’d submit to them but I’m too old (you have to be 25 or under)

  2. Gemma Rutter Says:

    What a wonderful write-up Claire! Anyone who’s interested in The Cadaverine should come to our first anthology launch. It’s this Thursday at Borders in Leeds, from 6pm. There will be readings from some of our lovely contributors, signings, and of course an after party at The Verve Bar on New Briggate.

    If any writer wishes more detailed feedback on their submissions they can always request it from me, I’m happy to offer it.

    Cheers again, and hopefully see you there!

  3. One Night Stanzas » Blog Archive » Things I Love Thursday #42 Says:

    [...] The lovely people over at The Cadaverine (see my write-up here!) have published three of my poems, and a photo of my funny face. I also have two poems forthcoming [...]

  4. Jack Niles Says:

    Thank you for your help!