Things I Love Thursday #42

A random bundle of things this week!

Clearing out!
Because of a recent new addition to my household, I am feeling the need to clear out some stuff to make space! I have a huge collection of vintage and second hand clothing and so much of it never gets worn, so I’ve set up my own online vintage store to clear some of it out. Everything on there is pretty cheap — there are a couple of designer bits, but everything (except this, which is a bit special) is under £20! There’ll probably be more up there soon so keep an eye out!

Making mix-CDs.
I’m off on holiday with Boy next week — we’re going to stay in the Lake District, with my aunt, who has a shop in Grasmere (she now stocks the RT jewels!). We don’t have a car and usually when we go down there, we use public transport (I love the Lakes Rambler open-topped buses!), but last time it was so nuts with tourists, and so expensive, that this time we’ve decided to rent a car. Which for me of course means road trip: it’s only about a 2-and-a-half hour drive down, but that’s enough! I am making heaps of cool mix CDs (not as good as tapes, but hey), plotting possible stops for cups of tea and exploring, and getting needlessly excited about it. Latest CD? Helter Skelter — The Beatles // Immigrant Song — Led Zeppelin // Rough Justice — The Rolling Stones // Supernaut — Black Sabbath // Louie Louie — Motorhead // Just Fade Away — Stiff Little Fingers // Foxy Lady — Jimi Hendrix // Original Prankster — Offspring // Basketcase — Greenday // I Don’t Like The Drugs But The Drugs Like Me — Marilyn Manson (creepy video — not least because Marilyn looks eerily like Courtney Love!) // Suck My Kiss — Red Hot Chili Peppers // For Whom The Bell Tolls — Metallica // The Pusher — Steppenwolf // Freebird — Lynyrd Skynyrd (short version) // Oh Well — Fleetwood Mac (the ‘Mac, pre-girls!) // Jailbreak — Thin Lizzy.

The Simple Diary.
I am really excited about this and it isn’t even ‘out’ yet — so expect to see it on my TiLT list again when it arrives! It’s the brainchild of artist Phillip Keel, and it’s a way of journalling your day without having to write down the mundane details of your life and/or spend heaps of time scribbling. Every page asks you a question to make you think, gives you a weird and wonderful quotation, and tests your mood with quizzes and brain-teasers. I think it’s a great idea and I’ve pre-ordered three copies (the violent orange for myself, and a green and a blue for friends)! It’s also a gorgeous looking book… I can’t wait for the postman to get it here!

The lovely people over at The Cadaverine (see my write-up here!) have published three of my poems, and a photo of my funny face. I also have two poems forthcoming in brand new Edinburgh-based magazine Anything Anymore Anywhere… go check them out!


& this! One of the greatest songs ever, plus a cute video!:

Honourable mentions: The new baby // eating strawberries on my couch while watching Le Mans — hello summer! // excitement for the Silverstone GP! // finding out I am a vocab genius (I knew the correct meanings of all these!) // this poem at Bolts of Silk // holiday plotting, praying for nice weather // The Big Picture — always brilliant, I can spend hours there // What’s in my bag? photos on Flickr — I am so nosy, I love them! Going to do my own soon, watch this space!

What’re you loving this week?

(Photo by Architekt2)

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5 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday #42”

  1. Rachel Fox Says:

    I like your poem ‘Absence’. Especially the plate.

  2. Regina Says:

    Congrats on the publications- woo hoo!
    And I love the new baby- wow- what a carriage! ;)
    Hope you have a wonderful holiday, Claire!

  3. chloe Says:

    I love this list!

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  5. HCG Diet Dangers Says:

    Hmmm, I see exactly what you mean. Also, do you happen to have an RSS feed? I am trying to subscribe to it so I can get your updates. Let me know.