Procrastination Station #42


The return of Poster Poems! // Carol Ann Duffy get into politics with a new poem // Poets reporting the news // Happy Birthday Leopold Bloom! // The strangest places poets have done it… // How to get out of your library fines // RIP Harold Norse // Do you live in a sci fi city?

Jim on writers and rejection.

Interesting tales of typo errors…

“Grrrl” is in the dictionary?!

Folded Word press are looking for contributors and an Assistant Editor!

Colin’s very wise rules for submitting to magazines.

Are you a feminist if you prefer male writers?

Collective nouns — love this site! Thanks Peggy!

Can’t believe I’ve only just discovered Bookcovers Anonymous! Thanks Nubby!

Found online this week: a great new poem by Swiss — plus, he’s going on holiday and has promised to stop in here!! // Cassandra’s Rules to Live By // and a new piece from Morganne Couch

A typewriter a week? Heck yes!

I love the Fallen Princesses Project — thanks to The Boy for this recommendation!

OK, geeky motorsport stuff: Rubbish spoilers // Weird hotrods // Unfortunate car names (NSFW) // License plates for geeks…

And geeky tattoo stuff: Tattoos for geeks, part 1 // and part 2 // Awesome pin-up // I want this tattoo! // this is kind of cool // and I discovered Owl Tattoos! I particularly like this one, these, this one, this one and this great piece of blackwork!

I also just discovered Rare Bird Finds, which really makes me want to spend money on things like this and this — argh!

Speaking of which… want!

Really want to see this movie:

& this is pretty funny, but NSFW!

Have a great weekend!

(Photo by Salvajada)

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4 Responses to “Procrastination Station #42”

  1. H. Says:

    I love that Jon Lajoie stuff … he does “Rapist Glasses” which is hilarious … I used to work registering sex offenders and it’s funny because it’s true.

    Haha, I always comment on the only non writing stuff, I suck!


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