This week’s Featured Poet is Kerri Ni Dochartaigh

When she was small, Kerri used to write words down on paper aeroplanes and throw them at her Mum. Then she studied English and Classics at Trinity College, Dublin. She is now 25 and living in Edinburgh. Kerri still writes her words down but she is no longer any good at origami. You can see heaps of her poetry at her blog, She Writes From A Paper Aeroplane.


i remember you from a time long passed
me by.

you held your hands over my ears
in a market place
where men wrung
chickens’ necks
in a
foreign language.

as if
they were telling one another
the time/
discussing the price of saffron;
their unfamiliar vocabulary
falls outside of my dictionary.

when we first met
you talked to me of
the spice trail in
centuries long,

i remembered your chivalry.

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(Photo by bunchadogs & susan)

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2 Responses to “This week’s Featured Poet is Kerri Ni Dochartaigh”

  1. Regina Says:

    I really liked this- I felt transported by it, elevated somehow…
    Well done, Kerri, and thanks for posting this, Claire!

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