Procrastination Station #43

Sorry it’s late!! I’ve been on holiday and away from my trusty Google Reader (800+ messages waiting for me when I returned… after four days! Not to mention 1000 emails…) But this is a big one, to make up for it!

Michael Marks Pamphlet Award winner // Twitteraturecan YOU write it? // Literary threesomes!! // Poem of the week // The pain of publicity // The Hughes/Plath effect… // Fantasy readers are people too! // Why you should read Burroughs

Brand new bracelets in the RT Store — don’t miss them!

I absolutely love Classic Literature Reimagined

Andy P on poetry sales…

A cool writing exercise from Rachel McKibbens

Found online this week: I love this new piece from former Featured Poet McGuire // Phillipa’s been visiting some literary blue plaques… // A poetic miscellany from former FP Juliet // new poems from reader Lindis, and former Featured Poets Eric Hamilton, Ryan Lamon, Morganne Couch and William Soule // a great new poetry blog run by a young Kenyan poet // reader Annie responded to my What’s In A Poet’s Bag? post // Andy gave me a mention // so did recent FP John Ecko // so did the lovely and talented Lewis Young! Thanks guys. //

I recently became addicted to Rock’n'Roll Bride — some favourites here and here!

I also loved — and really appreciated — this article on starting out as a runner.

The trouble with young people today? Words printed on the ass of your jeans! So true!


Cassandra makes passes at girls who wear glasses!

More cuteness from Rare Bird Finds

Weird: find-a-note on Flickr

& finally… love this — creepy and well done!

Hope you had a great weekend, all!

(Photo by Superkimbo in BKK)

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  1. morganne Says:

    The Mrs. Doubtfire trailer was GREAT.
    I love that movie. XD

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