a handful of stones needs YOU!

I meant to blog about this last week, but things got on top of me and I jollied off on holiday without having done it. But I am back with a cleared-out brain so here goes: your poems are needed, right here right now!

A few days ago, the lovely Fiona Robyn emailed me to say that she’s currently on the lookout for fresh submissions to her blogzine, a handful of stones. handful aims to showcase short works — poems that, like smoothed river-pebbles, are small and neatly rounded but which also have some weight. Fiona advocates writing at least one small stone every day, and posts her own at a small stone. She also posts other people’s small stones at handful, and that’s where you come in.

Do you write short poems? Do you ever come up with great lines that seem to sit beautifully on their own, without needing to be put into a bigger stanza or series? Are you a master of haiku? Do you just fancy having a go at writing your own small stones? If so, Fiona wants to hear from you. Send your little pile of pebbles (no more than five at a time) over to fiona@fionarobyn.com — for more info, you can see Fiona’s own guidelines here, or my write-up of the blogzine here. I follow handful every single day — there’s always something short, sweet and though-provoking there. Good company to be in!

If I see a ONS regular at handful, I usually give them a shout here, too — another reason to submit! Good luck!

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5 Responses to “a handful of stones needs YOU!”

  1. Regina Says:

    I love that site too- Fiona is just lovely…

  2. William Soule Says:

    I’m planning on doing a rally-up at dA, sending folks over to Fiona’s blogzine to read and send some stuff over. I’m really hoping people will participate!

  3. CantonaX Says:

    Well done This was an excellent piece of writing. Perform go on as you are. I shall be eagerly waiting.

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  5. down Says:

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