Some poetic words of wisdom from Mr Allen Ginsberg

You all know by now — I’m a huge Allen Ginsberg fangirl. Recently, I found a really lovely edition of his collection Cosmopolitan Greetings in a secondhand bookstore, and had to share some snippets with you. Some of his poems are so inspiring, as life lessons for anyone, not just writers. Here goes…

“I write poetry because I suffer confusion not knowing what other people think.

I write poetry to make an accurate picture of my own mind.

I write poetry because this morning I woke up trembling in fear, what could I say in China?.

I write poetry because I want to be alone, but want to talk to people.

I write poetry wearing animal shoes.” — snippets from Improvisation in Beijing

“Observe what’s vivid.
Notice what you notice.
Catch yourself thinking.
Vividness is self-selecting.
If we don’t show anyone, we’re free to write anything.
Remember the future.
Advise only yourself.
Don’t drink yourself to death.” — from Cosmopolitan Greetings

“Before you fall in bed blood sugar high blood pressure lower, lower, your lips grow cold.
Sooner or later let go what you loved hated or shrugged off, you walk in the park
You look at the sky, sit on a pillow, count up the stars in your head, get up and eat.” — from Big Eats

“Rainy night on Union Square, full moon. Want more poems? Wait til I’m dead.” — from American Sentences

(Photo by Mobtownblues)

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8 Responses to “Some poetic words of wisdom from Mr Allen Ginsberg”

  1. Katja Says:

    those are some very inspiring quotes indeed! i may have to look into Mr. Ginsberg, since you like him so much (and he has such words of wisdom).

  2. Col Says:

    I was lucky enough to recieve the collected poems Of Ginsberg for my birthday a couple of weeks ago, a hefty volume indeed, but fantastic as well.
    This from Death And Fame. poems 1993-1997 (Final voume of poetry)

    “To see Void vast infinite look out the window into the blue sky.”
    (from American Sentences 1995-1997)

    Written just days before his death. Startling really. One of his modern haikus.

  3. Mark Says:

    thank you for posting these. I especially hearken to the list from ‘Cosmopolitan Greetings’

    I shall endeavor to get a copy.

  4. Suzannah Says:

    oh that man! he is wise x

  5. Regina Says:

    Oh, how cool is he… you can really feel the Buddhist influences in these little snippets…

  6. morganne Says:

    fantastic. great choices.

  7. frontierville Says:

    Impossibly beneficent and want upon the message of lifetime

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