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I’m a regular Twitter-er, but I’m fairly rubbish at finding other good people to follow. I get very bored of “I’m wondering what to do today” type tweets, or “bored, can’t think of anything”, which is always popular but really, why do we all need to know? I want to follow people who’ll actually use their 140 characters to do or say something cool! This is the pick of my followed Twitterers… and I want your suggestions, too!

@Alan_Bennett — legendary writer Alan Bennett, whose tweets are generally literary and often pose interesting questions: “Emails of thanks, emails from banks… Who writes poetry about email? None will see the inbox icon without a quickening of the heart.” He also recently pointed out that writers have become disturbingly easy to spot in public places: “Whither the writer? I am the only one in the carriage with a book. All the other passengers have iPods or laptops.”

@poetrynews A good source of unusual poetry picks and literary links. I always find something interesting here, e.g.: “Katha Pollitt: Byron knew what women wanted. http://ow.ly/hkUD #poetry #poets.”

@BrentSpiner a.k.a Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Oh, be quiet — his Twitter is awesome, really bizarre and funny, and it seems to upset people regularly, for some reason! In recent Tweets he’s claimed “I didn’t say I knew the meaning of life. I just said, I’d take the blame for all things”, and admitted to stealing props from the Star Trek set.

@unpubd_poetry Full name ‘unpublished poetry,’ obviously — this Twitterfeed is written from the point of view of a pile of unpublished poems, slowly mouldering away in a desk drawer. The results are often really funny. “I’m going to fold half my pages into envelopes and submit myself!” and “Cut-ups are painful. No wonder W.S. Burroughs’ manuscript shot heroin” are some recent examples!

@seanbedlam If you haven’t yet discovered Sean Bedlam, the Australian political satirist whose fight-picking on Youtube has become legendary, you’re missing out. His particular brand of unflinching issue-addressing might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but he sure has a way with words: “‘Ascend and decimate,’ I tell myself as I head out into the wasteland, camera at my side, to make a pwny pwnfest of pure pwnularity.”

@handfulofstones If you read this blog, you know what this is! Get more mini-poem goodness from @asmallstone, too!

The Twitterfeed of the brilliant Retro To Go blog, who now have another way of brainwashing me into buying awesome things I can’t afford. Damn them!

@Poetcasting All links to brilliant online podcasts of contemporary poets reading their work. Want an easy (and literary) way to lose an hour? Follow this feed!

& of course you can follow One Night Stanzas right here, and be sure to check out The London Poetry Festival’s feed, too! Know an interesting Twitterer? Let me know who they are in the comments box — I am always looking for cool new people to follow!

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