Things I Love Thursday (Friday!) #46

Sorry for the lack of TiLT last week — and the lateness and shortness of this one! I have been rushed off my feet putting together a certain new book which by now I am sure you’re all aware of! Still this is better late than never, right…?

Sharks Don’t Sleep The aforementioned book! I have spent the last few days printing, folding, trimming, stapling, embellishing, and sending out copies. This book looks freaking amazing and is truly full of awesome, I’m really pleased with it and it’s been great to work with Eric (and my sister, who did the artwork!) on it. Find out more about it here and grab yourselves a copy here or here!

Wardrobe Remix. I just started doing this “properly” after doing it on a very on-and-off basis for a while… it may seem vain to some, but it really makes you think and care more about how you look and what you project to other people. I’m finding it very useful! You can see some of my bizarre outfits (and faces!) here.

The Bookseer. Wait, you tell this site what book you just read and it tells you the perfect one to read next? Awesome! I tried this and it actually threw up three titles that were already on my next-to-read list. That would suggest it actually DOES know what I would like to read!

Honourable mentions: Getting a new lecturing/tutoring job for the coming academic year. Hooray! // Having my sweet tattooed friend Martyna visiting from Poland for two months! Already my life is full of cool things like visiting tattoo parlours, hair-dyeing sessions and in-depth discussions on the birth of punk. Yes! // Speaking of tattoos, I’m plotting new ones! Need money… // This… snarfle. // Beth Ditto’s Evans clothing range. Love this! // Writing new poems

Et toi?

(Photos by Sarah .K)

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4 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday (Friday!) #46”

  1. Crafty Green Poet Says:

    I love wardrobe remixing, I’ve given some items of clothing whole new leases of life by doing this. I have photos somewhere too …..

  2. Col Says:

    The bookseer does seem to work, the first book I put in came up with two books on my want list and several i have read in the past…
    Of course, I wasn’t satisfied till I made it come with no results with some obscurities from my library.

  3. Alvin Says:

    I think I’ll make use of the Bookseer. Thanks!

    And congrats on the job!

  4. Garfield Heese Says:

    Hello, I searched for this blog upon Msn and wanted to say just excellent study. I would have to trust this, thank you once again!

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