Procrastination Station #46 & #47

Look! A link love list! I know I haven’t done one of these for two weeks, so this is a bumper edition. Look out!

SO much good stuff on the Guardian Books Blog recently! It is such a time-eater: Bonding through books // Famous Seamus at 70 // Happy words // a very tricky debate… // Quiz: how well do you know your literary spies? // Faber’s cover archive // Poster Poems: History // I agree with a LOT of this! // Poem of last week // …and this week! // a portrait of the wonderful Michael Rosen // Yet more reasons why e-books are the spawn of the devil // & Viv! I love her.

Awesome alert: Colour Me Katie’s Rules for a Creative Life. I also love her photos of people dancing! Follow this blog… it’s definite inspiration fodder!

It’s official: rejection = brain damage.

I love this picture of the Scottish Poetry Library staff! That’s my mate Dave on the end!

Why big-headed lit mags kind of suck.

As a crafter, I thought this post on crafting motivation was really interesting.

Poetry inspiring fashion…?

Do stories add value? I love the idea behind the Significant Objects project!

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie @ Vulpes Libris

Hello, pretty book cover!

Amazing picture.

Found online this week: Chris Lindores started updating his blog again! Hooray! Plus, a new poem from him! // Former FP Rowena Knight at the Cadaverine // Col gave a shoutout to the London Poetry Pearl, which I helped edit! // at a handful of stones: Howie Good, Colin Will, Regina C Green, & a rare stone from creator Fiona herself! // Speaking of Regina C Green — she’s everywhere! She also had a great piece at Bolts of Silk recently, and gave ONS a shoutout on her blog. Thanks, doll! // Also mentioning me this week: Ms Aiko // I loved this new piece from the ubertalented McGuire // & regular reader/contributor Jim got a mention on PoetHound. Congrats!

I love this gallery of firepoi photos and flash animations!

Beth Ditto rocks my socks right off (aaaah!).

Yet more cool from Rock n Roll Bride! & a sweet story too!

Landlord of the Flies is hilarous. Read from the bottom up, though, or it’ll make no sense!


& finally, if this doesn’t brighten your weekend, I don’t know what will…

Happy weekend!

(Photo by Ilaria (I hate Illinois nazis))

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4 Responses to “Procrastination Station #46 & #47”

  1. Chris Lindores Says:

    Ach, yer a star. Cheers for the link.

  2. Cassandra Says:

    That video really did brighten my weekend! Have a wonderful one :)

  3. Col Says:

    Cheers for link up, I didn’t know you helped edit the Pearl, thanks for that too!

  4. Regina Says:

    Oh, I am so bad for getting to this so late- but thanks, Claire! You are too kind!
    I love you, you know that! You are such a cool person- all the wonderful things you do for poetry and poets… kudos, hon. And thanks again- for everything…

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