Things I Love Thursday #47

Look, I’m back on track with TiLT! & a Procrastination Station (the first in three weeks! Sorry sorry sorry!) is on its way tomorrow, finally! Basically, I’ve been having some family troubles — both my grandfathers are currently in hospital, and they’re both over 80, so it’s a bit worrying. I’ve been finding it hard to put on my positive inspiration face to post here, but over the past couple of days I’ve realised that at times like these, you need that face more than ever! So I’m back with a vengence! Here’s some of the stuff that’s been cheering me up recently…

Rachel Fachner has to come first! Apparently, Rachel is one of you secret readers who never comments on posts, so I was blissfully unaware that she existed (if you’re one of these, say ‘hello’ sometime… in this very comments box, perhaps?). A bit of a creative powerhouse (she’s a director, choreographer, writer and general all-round creative nut-job, obviously a woman after my own heart!), Rachel runs the Project: Transparence blog, which is how I sniffed her out! And she’d given ONS a hell of a write-up… it made me blush! Check this out:

“This woman is my inspiration for productivity… there is almost too much to love about her. she teaches poetry, writes consistently on two blogs, makes jewelry, gets awarded grants… oh, and writes amazing poetry that gets published (all the time). my favourite part of her public life is her commitment to hosting, and participating in, the conversation about her art form. there is a transparent honesty about her… a confidence that leads toward being uncompetitive which I find refreshing.”

Oh my goodness, thank you thank you thank you!

Discovering new blogs. As well as Rachel’s blog, I’ve also discovered a bunch of new stuff this week that’s keeping me from getting on with my tasks! ChickenDinnerCandyBar has a seriously healthy attitude to consumerism, fashion, body image and life in general… plus, with a gorgeous old typewriter as her header-image, how could I not love her blog? Blue Horse Poetry is the blog of ONS reader Matt Haigh and he posts his poetry, opinions and TiLTs (yay!) there. I’ve already geeked about The X Files and got bolshy about Carol Ann Duffy in his various comments boxes… sorry, Matt! And sad but true, Book Covers Anonymous is basically bordering on a fetish for me. OH MY GOODNESS beautiful books (expect a post on this soon, maybe)!

The Formula 1! OK come on, I’ve been good recently and not geeked about motorsport for at least two TiLTs, so bear with me. I can’t resist a quick mention of everything that’s happened recently! I’m really not a fan of Mark Webber (I think he’s an average driver and he’s been lucky enough to get a good car… I know that can be the nature of racing, but schmneh!), but I was happy to see him win his first Grand Prix after years and years of racing. Nice one! I’m also not a fan of Ferrari and therefore Felipe Massa figures low on my list of F1 favourites, but his terrible crash during qualifying at Hungary was a real blow for the sport, particularly coming so soon after the tragic death of F2 driver Henry Surtees. I’m glad to hear Felipe’s condition is improving though, and despite being a Ferrariite, I hope he’ll be fit enough to come back to racing soon… not least because he’s been replaced by none other than the Schumachersaurus! (Cue Luke-Skywalker-style “nooooooo!”)
There is the issue of How The Season Is Going, though. Boy had managed to convince me that Jenson was deserving of a Championship title (I have never been a big fan of the Magic Button, but I conceded)… but after his performance at Hungary, wailing on the team radio and sniping at the mechanics, he has totally lost my support! Other drivers get oversteer and hot tires all the time, and they deal with it… they don’t behave like divas! Now I’m backing Seb Vettel for the title, though I think chances are slim. However, I reckon 09 has been the best season for years… great racing, great cars, plenty of suspense, scandal and drama. Hooray! (PS: you think this is geeking? Look out: I have just started watching the MotoGP as well and really enjoying it, plus I’m developing an interest in the BTCC. It can only get worse!)

Tattoo ideas. Right now I am very much in the mood for a new tattoo/tattoos! Unfortunately you need money for such things, but it doesn’t stop me looking into cool designs and getting excited about heaps of ideas! At this moment in time I am really loving punctuation tattoos… Contrariwise just posted a great semicolon, and I am also loving this funky ampersand (and its placement! Brilliant!), speechmarks, and this punk questionmark. Nice!

Wardrobe remix. I’ve been having to explain to people recently why I’ve chosen to do this, and it’s tricky as a lot of people think it’s just vanity. I guess taking photos of your outfit is a bit narcissistic, and I really hate the commerical and pro-consumerist way it’s done on a lot of big famous blogs these days. However, I have a lot of good (I believe) reasons for doing it. One: I have really shitty body image — it varies, but generally I pretty much hate how I look. I’m 5′11″ which makes me rather awkward to start with, and although I know I’m not “fat,” like most women I carry more weight than I’d like. Until recently I avoided creating or even seeing full-length images of myself, which actually led to a lack of awareness about what I really look like. Seeing my wardrobe remix photos has a) made me realise that actually, what I look like and what I think I look like are two very different things, and b) if I accept what I am rather than fighting it, I actually do look better. I was inspired by this lady to embrace and celebrate myself rather than trying to change myself, and wardrobe remixing — a technique she also uses — is really helping. I’m also a big believer in thrifting, recycling, found clothing and second hand shopping, and I’m very much against large-scale consumerism and the buying of ridiculously expensive designer label goods (particularly when you only buy them to put on a shelf, because they’re too valuable to actually wear). That’s why I put the prices/estimated prices of my garments alongside my wardrobe remixes… some entire outfits cost as little as £10, but they don’t look cheap or crap (weird, maybe, but not cheap or crap. I hope). I’m also a bit of a lazy mare and will wear the same outfit over and over and over if I like it. This is making me more adventurous and encouraging me to wear clothes that were previously gathering dust in my wardrobe. All good, right?

Honourable mentions: Boy… off work for a while, and painting again for the first time in years, literally! // Emails from Crazy People, from the makers of FAILblog. This is freaking hilarious, while this — as a teacher myself — just shocked and saddened me. // this picture // Everyone who’s bought a copy of Sharks Don’t Sleep so far — you guys freakin’ rock! // Getting my millions of projects a bit more under control and actually looking forward to working on them! // Driving. Don’t get to do it often, and I love it!

And you…?

(Photo by ~aspidistra~)

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5 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday #47”

  1. Rachel Says:

    well, officially, hello! thanks for the virtual high five. i hope many of your silent readers get inspired to come out of the woodwork after such an introduction. oh, and tattoos! i’m dreaming of a new piece in tandem with my mister for the middle of our respective breastplates. dreaming of new tattoos is in my top ten list of ways to procrastinate.

  2. T.C. Says:

    Hello there -
    I’ve recently become a “silent reader” and I’ve decided to introduce myself. I’m T.C. (the T stands for Teresa), and I’ve actually just started up my own little amateur poetry-based blog, for which you were a huge inspiration! I too love meaningful tattoos and being a poetry ninja. I just thought I should say hello.

    Thanks a bunch!
    - T.C.

  3. Matt Says:

    Cheers for the link to my blog, Claire, and no worries on the bolshyness - we’re all passionate, hungry poetry animals, that’s the main thing! :)

  4. Weston T. Holder Says:

    Hello there…
    I am in no way a silent reader (heck, you know that from experience, Claire!), but I may actually be starting a blog/website and would love for you to at least check it out when it’s up and running.

    The real reason that I stopped by is that I’m working on a literary tattoo also.
    The other one is that I’m redoing my wardrobe- apparently I’m one of those people who look good in 80’s hats and clothes and enjoy wearing them. I’m also trying to catch a pair of The Who replica hi-tops (basically canvas shoes with the Union Jack on them).

    I say good luck to the both of us!

    (Wait… is this a TiLT comment for me? Yay!)

  5. christina Says:

    oh hey, that’s my funky ampersand :)

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