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Typewriter geekery: news roundup

Thursday, April 28th, 2011

Underwood Typewriter II

A lot’s been going on since my appearance in the Observer last Sunday. It spookily coincided with the very last manual typewriter rolling off the very last production line, and as a result I’ve been inundated with emails from folk wanting me to geek out about typewriters at their blog/publication/event, etc. It’s been fantastic. Oddities pending right now: an opportunity to speak on South African public radio, an interview for a major Polish newspaper, and quite a long piece on typewriters vs blogs for the Poetry Society. I’ve also had heaps of emails from people telling me their typewriter stories, wanting to know what models I have, wanting to gift me their old machines/ribbons/typewriter accessories, asking me for advice/giving me advice about typewriter restorers, good eBay stores for typewriter related stuff, the correct use of carbon papers and so on and so forth. I have absolutely loved getting involved in all these weird and wonderful projects, hearing from everyone and striking up so many interesting conversations.

I thought I’d do a wee round-up of all the stuff that’s gone on so far. Some interesting stuff here!

My typewriter poem (previously published in The Guardian) and interview were featured at Writing Ball

I was interviewed by BBC Radio Ulster (listen here) and BBC Radio Wales — you can hear me on the Good Evening Wales programme (available til next Wednesday), about 54 minutes in, geeking out about Underwood 5s and fighting off cheeky comparisons to Hemingway.

I was quoted in the Daily Express (gulp) as part of their obituary for the typewriter.

Exibart included me in their news round-up.

I got Magpie Writes thinking about the nature of anonymous commenting, vitriol and vexatiousness.

I loved this visual typewriter obituary.

More to come!

And in other news…
Chris Scott took a brilliant author photo of me — I absolutely love it.

I’m reading at The Store (as part of Poetry At The…) in May, and loved what The List had to say about my “razor-sharp wit”!

I now have a very pretty profile at A-Gender (thanks Jim).

The Allen Ginsberg blog gave a shoutout to the Starry Rhymes submission call (still seeking poets)!

Want me to geek about about typewriters at your blog/zine/wedding/bar mitzvah/funeral/etc? I’m available! No seriously.

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