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Procrastination Station #103

Friday, April 6th, 2012


Links I’ve read and liked.

Jonathan Franzen, who is already a millionaire, can make more money for saying Edith Wharton was ugly than I will make working fifty hours a week for the next six months. I am trying to make sense of all of that at once and you know what, it doesn’t fucking work. Every writer I care about, every writer I know, is better and more important and more ambitious than Jonathan Franzen.

If you read nothing else this week, read The Rejectionist on Jonathan Franzen, anger, and why Lionel Shriver should shut the hell up already.

A tiny poem by Mr Harry Giles over at a handful of stones.

“The shots girl walked around in a dress that contorted like a short question.” A great story up at ThoughtCatalog.

“Try not to sound like such a special snowflake, it’s very offputting!”
Constructive creative writing criticism: U R DOIN IT WRONG.

I really liked Michael D Conley’s poem up at Words Dance this week.

ONS favourite Stephen Nelson (who I recently mistook for a chocolate badger — it’s true!) has a new blog devoted to tiny, three-word poems. It’s awesome.

The City Lights Bookstore blog did some fab stuff to celebrate Women’s History Month (March). Just a selection of their posts included introductions to the work of Diane Di Prima, Adrienne Rich and Audre Lorde.

I love Caustic Cover Critic, and in particular their “outing” of lazy publishers who use the same old, same old stock images. Check out bendy neck girl, lady in the rain and, weirdest, naked woman in the road.

Leonardo shows up at fancy dinner even though he is a stinky poor and Kate Winslet’s mom hates him: “My mother looked at him like an insect—a dangerous insect that must be squished quickly.” After dinner, Leonardo says, “Time for me to go row with the other slaves!” Again with the slave thing. YOU GUYS ARE HELLA NOT SLAVES. PLEASE READ A BOOK.

Funniest review of Titanic ever at Jezebel.

The story of a woman who had to have four babies before she could accept feminism. This is fascinating, honest and lovely.

One of the best posts I’ve read so far on the whole Samantha Brick débacle.

You might see a scone at a trendy, locally-owned coffee shop and wonder about whether or not the sugar in the scone was harvested primarily by men or women. And that if it was harvested by women, whether or not that should be considered a triumph for gender equality because women should be breadwinners, too, damnit, or that it’s evidence that women are always being exploited? Or if by questioning the importance of the identity of the farmer, you’re just reenforcing society’s obsession with the gender binary.

Also from ThoughtCatalog: five reasons why you shouldn’t major in Women’s Studies. Oh, and five reasons why you should.

A pretty cool Robert Frost tattoo.

Obligatory happy Friday KITTEN GIF!

…oh alright, go on then. Have another.

I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the poem, but I could listen to her voice for hours.

I know I’ve posted this before, but again — it never gets old. THE SNARK. Love it.

Any fellow hoopers out there? I am just-starting-out and utterly crap, but this makes me feel better.

And speaking of which: best song to hoop to ever? Probably.

Have a great weekend!


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Procrastination Station #94

Friday, September 9th, 2011

Cheer and Heartsong

Hello! Yes, I’m still alive. ONS has been pretty quiet lately — I was away for most of the summer months on an epic West Pacific Coast roadtrip through three US States and a Canadian province, all via the delightful Greyhound bus network. And before I even realised was I back on home turf, I was straight back to work, getting to grips with a whole new academic year’s worth of bright and enquiring young minds (ahem). Things are still pretty mental, so posts may continue to appear only sporadically. But stick around, if you would be so good. Here are some cool things to brighten your Friday!

I am a huge fan of marginalia and discarded, book-related paraphernalia. This site is pretty much my dream blog, therefore.

The truth doesn’t come out in bumper stickers.” Amen to that!

You’ve got to love a great literary feud — check out some of the choice words dished out by literature’s brightest and best!

The great Neil Gaiman talks about American Gods as it hits its big birthday.

Can an empty text be a book? Is it writing? Rob Mackenzie is unsure.

I still heart the Rejectionist.

This appealed to the grammar Nazi in me: the Beatles’ use of pronouns.
Bidisha’s still yelling about gender inequity in the weird world of literary prizes, and I am still loving her for it.

Are you a fan of weird or old fashioned words? Click here forthwith!
Katie of Color Me Katie has the cutest cat ever.

I deeply, deeply enjoyed finding out what the 25 Geekiest Knuckle Tattoos Ever! are (no, really, I did).

This is going on my Christmas list.

Pretty typography makes me happy! (via @CheshireSpider)

Friday cuteness: kittens and turtles. You’re welcome. (both via Ms Thackaray)

My lovely sister made a new fireworks short film… very dark and beautiful.

George Watsky’s music is one of my favourite things in the world.

And speaking of Watsky… he plays Shakespeare in this epic literary rap battle!

Have a great weekend, all!