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New poem: The flirt

Monday, August 29th, 2016

Night sky.
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I’ve been writing loads of new poems on my Northwest Pacific Coast road trip, and I’ve been itching to share. This is the most recent! A sci fi poem! Also about manipulative men! And the erosion of women’s self esteem! Cheery, right? See what you think.

The flirt

Each instance of it hit me
like a hot rock, flung from some
deep reach of space, a place
I’d never charted.
I’d never seen such a man
up close, because
women like me aren’t usually
allowed. He had a face I knew
would improve with age –
a weapons-grade smile – his gaze
hauled me out of safe orbit.
This can’t be happening
I told myself, every asteroid
more devastating than the last.

I spent decades getting here.
I pushed the little craft of myself
out past the markered reaches,
followed star after star.
What I made wasn’t beautiful,
but god, it was strong – I’d built
a body I thought I could live in
without burning it down.
He had other ideas, though
I didn’t know them.
What did he want me for?
Target practice: the glare
of his attention a smatter
all over my radar.

I fell light-years in the wrong
direction. I spun out,
all my tools gone. Now
I can’t patch my rig
well enough to leave
as the stars harden
in the autumn sky.
I’ve become so weak
I can’t read them –
impervious, that’s
what I thought I was.
Now can’t even
lift my face
and look up.



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I wrote some stuff you might like to read.

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

My review of Kerry Hardie

So, I mentioned last week that I wrote a review of Kerry Hardie’s most recent collection, The Oak & The Ash & The Wild Cherry Tree for The Edinburgh Review Issue 136. You can now buy the issue online! BUT, you can also read my review free and gratis — the folks at Gallery Press liked it so much that they put it on their website. Thanks folks!

The UFOlogists podcast

You may also remember me writing a few weeks ago about the launch of sci-fi poetry anthology Where Rockets Burn Through: Contemporary Science Fiction Poems From The UK? I was super-chuffed to have three poems in it, and I’m even more super-chuffed that the folks over at Nature picked one of them to go in their “Where Rockets Burn Through” podcast this week. Thanks again!


Aaaand this is a bit of a scary one, but I am proud of myself for writing it and chuffed that it was published at xoJane, which is rapidly becoming one of my all-time favourite sites. I’ve written here before (but then destroyed the link in post-publication-panic) about my teenage struggles with a rather extreme form of thanatophobia. It seemed pertinent to write about it in a rather more serious way, given the recent OBSESSIVE APOCALYPSE HYPE that I’m sure you’ve all noticed. Of course, the world didn’t end yesterday — hooray! But I wanted to draw attention to this anyway. And for the first time ever, I connected to a fellow thanatophobia sufferer (in the comments), so double hooray!

Happy holidays!


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