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Procrastination Station #99

Friday, January 27th, 2012

color my life with the chaos of trouble

Lovely links of lovely loveliness.

I’ve got really, really into Terrible Minds after discovering it only recently. I love it because the posts are often spit-flecked with anger, which is how I like my writing advice! Check this out:

“I hate to bludgeon you about the head and neck with a hammer forged in the volcanic fires of Mount Obvious, but the only way you can finish something is by not stopping. That story isn’t going to unfuck itself.”

That’s from 25 Things Writers Should Stop Doing Right Fucking Now (thanks to the supertalented Heather for the link) — I also loved 25 Things Writers Should Know About Agents.

“At the dinner party we didn’t talk about books, I tried not to talk at all. People talked about AA meetings they had gone to–with friends, not for themselves, we all drank a lot at that dinner party. I forget what else we talked about. Places you live in New York. Real estate, this is a thing everyone talks about here, it’s sort of charming. Where is your apartment and how big is it and how much is your rent and how awful is your landlady, oh my god, she goes through your trash, are you serious. I looked at all the books on the shelves, which is another thing I do. This year, like every year, I resolved to be less hateful, and this year, like every year, I am failing.”

The Rejectionist wrote this long, melancholy piece about being an arts blogger and attending parties with lots of artists. I think everyone feels this way sometimes. I loved it.

“I know that a lot of writers would kill to be called a squashed bug or a despicable pig, if only because it beats not being called anything at all. But… many readers seem to be approaching their commenting privileges like teenagers with newly minted driver’s licenses. Belted in by anonymity and often distracted by the equally reckless ravings of their peers, they take potshots, spread untruths, and, at their worst, spew racism and bigotry that would put a professional writer out of business in a nanosecond.”

A long article, but a good one: Meghan Daum on “haterade” below-the-line.

“I do a lot. I eat grapefruit, for example. I begin to read books and then put them down when I’m 90% through and then never pick them back up, for some reason. I read emails, too, or I skim emails, especially the ones that come from my grandfather. My grandfather checks his email like, once a month and then goes on a forwarding spree, and before I know it my inbox is full of CAPS LOCK subject lines and I’m reading a checklist to determine whether or not I grew up in Brooklyn in the 1950s. (Spoiler alert: I didn’t).”

This is super cool. It’s an alternative response to the question, “What Do You Do?”, which all writers rightly dread.

““I just gave a homeless man outside a 20 pound note, and now I’m worrying he’d have rather had it in two tens,” she says, huge eyes widening in a luminously fresh face, as she puts down her vintage handbag and leather-bound copy of Anna Karenina (“I’m obsessed with Tolstoy, it’s a weakness, I need to widen my contemporary reading”) in a flurry of activity that lights up the room and makes all heads turn. “Oh, no. I hope he’s OK,” she says, fretting extravagantly over this act of incredibly charming philanthropic spontaneity I’m choosing to include here for colour but that she obviously had no idea could end up in the article.”

A damning indictment of contemporary “glossy” journalism and celebrity culture. If you read nothing else from this post, read The Ultimate Celebrity Interview.

“A strong woman is strong
in words, in action, in connection, in feeling;
she is not strong as a stone but as a wolf
suckling her young. Strength is not in her, but she
enacts it as the wind fills a sail.”

The breathtaking Marge Piercy.

“My job is not to judge, but to teach, and I can’t teach if the students in my class are distracted or uncomfortable. My job is also about preparing students to be a part of our society, ready to work and play with all kinds of people. I found that teaching about gender stereotypes is another social justice issue that needs to be addressed, like racism or immigrant rights, or protecting the environment.”

This teacher kicks all kinds of ass. Inspiring!

If you’ve been reading ONS for any amount of time you’ll already know I am fascinated by urban decay. Therefore, this photo project about a disappearing element of life in New York City was obviously a must-read for me!

Anyone with a brain knows the Oscars are a huge steaming bag of hetero- and white-normative stereotype-reinforcing consumer-porn. Therefore, I quite liked this.

Thanks to Chris for reminding me of the awesomeness of this series of videos:


Aaand finally, this was playing in Scotmid yesterday and I ever-so-nearly broke into a frenzied 90s-tastic wiggle-dance in the bread aisle. This is the anthem of my tweenage years! Crank it up!

Have a great weekend!


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