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Christmas gifts for poets: Read This Press

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011

Swallow earrings

A little more shameless self promotion — yesterday, you got to hear about my vintage store, Edinburgh Vintage. Today, it’s the turn of my other Etsy store, Read This Press, which is much more suitable for poetic gift-giving!

For over two years I was the founding editor of Read This Magazine, a grassroots arts and literature zine aimed at promoting the work of new, young and emerging writers. After our editors scattered to the four winds in 2010, I wanted to carry on the work of RT in some way that would allow me to manage the workload alone (I know, some folk edit magazines single-handedly. I genuinely have no idea how).

Read This Press was born. We (as my team has now expanded to include Stephen Welsh, aka Lovely Boyfriend) make small, limited edition runs of handmade poetry chapbooks, make them as pretty as we can and sell them for a teeny price in the hope that we can lure some non-poetry readers in our direction and trick them into seeing that poetry is actually awesome. Our most recent endeavour was an anthology of poems inspired by the great Allen Ginsberg, Starry Rhymes, which you can buy here. We also published Eric Hamilton’s Sharks Don’t Sleep, which is sadly sold out.

Skin Deep
Skin Deep, our first Read This Press title: an anthology of tattoo-related poems by talented folks like Kim Addonizio and Kevin Cadwallender.

To support the press, I also started making typewriter-related jewellery and accessories, in collaboration with Amanda of Reworkd Workshop. As a typewriter fanatic, though, I found it heart-wrenching to think of all the beautiful machines that had been ripped up in order to create our bracelets and necklaces (no, really). I gave up the jewellery-making a while ago, but the pieces I have leftover from my jewellery days are still for sale on the site — and there are others yet to be listed, so keep checking back!

Camel necklace
The Camel Necklace, currently for sale here.

As the Christmas shopping frenzy is upon us, I’ll be uploading new items as often as I can in the next little while. If you like what you see in the shop, stick around and check back regularly. Please note: I am totally open to handing out mates’ discounts, so drop me a line if you see something you fancy and I may well be willing to haggle! Enquiries to claire[at]onenightstanzas[dot]com.

Merry Christmas Shopping!

Procrastination Station #71

Friday, May 21st, 2010


A brilliant essay from Germaine Greer on old wives’ tales and female storytellers.

The problem of being a self-promoting artist

The new Glasgow Review is live!

What if we are secretly a loser of no talent and no one loves us? (I love the Rejectionist!)

I just found One Magazine’s Poetspace. A great selection there right now.

The Dark Horse has a brilliant editorial on the subject of rejection…

A cool found poem/flash piece at Verbatim

I really, really want one of these.

What ONS fans, friends and readers have been up to this week: Another brilliant new piece from Heather Bell // Swiss on linoleum // Former Featured Poet Tom Rendell was published at a handful of stones // Stephen Nelson has two poems up at Shadowtrain // and a new piece from Howie Good at Greatest Lakes Review

Amazing sweet-related tattoos from Creamy Middles

…and OMG, a Lord of the Rings tattoo that’s actually really cool.

My necklaces were featured here and here this week! And you can buy one right here.

I just recently discovered Royksopp, and now I’m majorly crushing on them. Love this song off Melody AM:

I also love Improv Everywhere

And this ad CRACKS ME UP. Thanks Hillary for bringing it to my attention!

Have a great weekend!

(Photo by eyetwist)

Don’t forget to visit The Read This Store, and its sister store, Edinburgh Vintage!

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