More from this week’s Featured Poet: Hayley Shields

Many of Featured Poet Hayley’s poems deal with myth, the supernatural and the occult, and since it’s getting close to Halloween (I am seriously excited, by the way!), I thought I’d feature this one…


The first frost came: a spider
encrusting the earth in threads.
Brooms, cloaks, fangs clutter
attics once more. Apples
cling to the memory of slow-
sunk teeth. Hollowed pumpkins
and guttering stumps of wax discarded.
Gutters strewn with melting
carcasses, once leaves.
The last breath of Autumn –
a smoker’s cough – rasps sweetly
as she concludes her slumberous strip. Seductive
to the last.

You can see Hayley’s previous featured poem, and find out a bit more about her, here!

(Photo by Say Cheese Studios)

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3 Responses to “More from this week’s Featured Poet: Hayley Shields”

  1. William Soule Says:

    Great poem. A lot of fresh imagery. I like!

  2. Simon Freedman Says:

    Gorgeous poem, it has a very Tim Burton vibe about it, and for me that is very much a compliment! Ghoulish tidings to you and yours….

  3. Katja Nikula Says:

    Beautiful poem! I especially loved the last three lines, how surprising and fitting they were.