More from Featured Poet Suzannah Evans

Hopefully you’ve already seen Kate’s first poem — here’s another, her interview will be up tomorrow. Enjoy!

You think you’re Ian Curtis, but you’re not.

You’ve got problems, you said. You’ll let me down
woefully. And yet I am prepared
to listen to your teeth grind shut all night
like a sad latch to your sleeping jaw.

You’re the cliché that I tried not to expect —
rolling up your skint, thin cigarettes
with dirty-handed glamour; and the bands
without lyrics, that I’m never going to like.

You left me at the bus stop with a kiss
in sunlight, wondering how long I’ll be waiting.
Autumn strolls on, like you, elegant —
Its hands in the pockets of a second-hand suit.

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(Photo by joshua.lachkovic)

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5 Responses to “More from Featured Poet Suzannah Evans”

  1. Poc Says:

    A Rapid Fire poem, my favorite kind.
    You guys seem to really love that kind of poetry.
    (I wonder whether it’s a product of being surrounded by things, being surrounded by ourselves, living in a first world country, or something else entirely.)
    Although the disembodied world of “noun” poetry, for me, personally, can lead to an occasional disconnect.

  2. Matt Says:

    I really like this poem – reminds me of someone I used to go out with, plus it left me with a vivid image, which is always good! Thanks.


  3. Roger Cornish. Says:

    Agree with Matt……
    Loved the last line.

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