My brand new author photo, taken by Sally Jubb Photography
Author portrait (2015) by Sally Jubb Photography

Promo shot
Photo by Helen Askew

Me, reading at the Dark Horse 20th anniversary launch, Edinburgh
Photo by Ryan McGoverne for The Dark Horse

Poet Claire Askew
Photo by Julie Howden for The Herald

StAnza 2011 Preview
Photo by Chris Scott

Happy Birthday, Allen Ginsberg!
Photo by Chris Scott

claire at wpm
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iPoetry (Claire Askew) (c) Anouk Prins
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“Blogging gives me the opportunity to contact and converse with like-minded creatives, whose responses to my posts often provoke and inspire further writing. I appreciate it when other bloggers take care over what they publish – structuring posts well, and editing and proofing them before hitting ‘submit’.”

(Somewhat truncated version of) an interview about literary blogging for Young Poets Network

“Tom Waits once said that when you write a song, you should make sure someone could live in it: provide street names, a motel, a place to get something to eat. I think I feel the same about poems.”

Interview with Amy Blakemore for the Poetry Society’s YM: New Work In Poetry

“Writers tend to be quite obsessive people and my interest in typewriters has, I’m not ashamed to say, become quite obsessive. It’s become part of my creative process and I’m stuck with it now. This is how I write.”

‘Analogue artists defying the digital age’ for the Observer, 2011

I also led this round-table discussion on the current state of contemporary Scottish poetry for the Scottish Review. Here’s Dave Coates, as part of that discussion:

There are more ways to encourage people than patting their head and giving them a well done sticker. Sometimes a book isn’t very good, and that’s also fine, particularly in a writer just starting out. It’s hard work to find a proper aesthetic context even in a good book, far harder in one that isn’t that sure-footed itself. Critics need to be generous in that regard, to recognise failed ambition as more valuable than successful conservatism.

Writing-related reviews and articles

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‘A different Beat: fifty years of counter-culture in Edinburgh’, The Edinburgh Review 136
‘It’s aboot the labour: William Letford’s Bevel‘, Scottish Review of Books
‘Review: Kerry Hardie’s The Ash, The Oak & The Wild Cherry Tree’, The Edinburgh Review 134
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Other reviews and articles

‘Living Not Together’ originally for xoJane, republished in Glamour and LOOK
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‘”Hapless straight ladies”: pop feminism’s exclusionist tendencies,’ shortlisted for the FWSA Essay Prize 2012


My poem “Bad Moon” on the Be The First To Like This podcast

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