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This page is (hopefully) an accurate record of all the places I’ve had poems published in the past eight years (!), and all the on-the-page prizes I’ve won. For my other escapades, which are numerous, you can check out 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

Publications and awards in 2016

I have two poems forthcoming in the second issue of Banshee.

I have two more poems coming in the Island Review — two were already published there in 2015.

My poem “Bad Moon” was the Guardian Saturday poem on Saturday 20th February 2016.

My article “How to get your poetry published” was published on the Scottish Book Trust blog, and was their Editor’s Pick in February 2016.

Publications and awards in 2015

My poem “Bad Moon was selected for inclusion in the Scottish Poetry Library’s Best Scottish Poems of 2014 anthology.

…interestingly, that poem was singled out as being a particularly bad example of Young Whippersnapper Poets Not Respecting Their Elders by some crusty old dinosaur in the Scottish Review. I lolled, and then with the help of some good friends, I created a rebuttal.

I had two poems in the online chapbook anthology “Caledonian Antisyzygy,” selected by The Great Robyn Marsack Herself for the Autralian journal Cordite Poetry Review.

Two of my poems were shortlisted for the 2014 Charles Causley Poetry Competition (as the poems were read anonymously, this technically means I got on the shortlist twice! Woo!)

“Fire Comes” got an honourable mention in the 2015 Tom Howard/Margaret Reid Poetry Contest.

I had five poems in the Edinburgh Review, Issue 141.

I have two poems featured in the 20th Anniversary issue of The Dark Horse, and I was also invited to read alongside Alasdair Gray, Douglas Dunn and Vicki Feaver at the Edinburgh launch!

I had one poem in Scottish PEN’s journal PENning, the Spring 2015 issue on the theme of ‘power.’ I’m proud to say that my work appeared alongside work by the International Women Group of North Glasgow.

One of my poems, “High school,” from This changes things, was selected for inclusion in Hallelujah for 50ft Women, an anthology of women’s poetry from Bloodaxe. (Here’s a wee blogpost on this book.)

I was commissioned to write a poem for the online anthology New Boots and Pantisocracies: 100 Days of Poetry for the Austere Generation. I wrote about the Yarl’s Wood women’s detention centre, and it was published on Day 84.

I had two poems in Gutter 13 — after three rejections, I finally cracked that particular nut! Perseverance is indeed everything. (AND they called me “very hotly tipped” in the introduction. Um, thanks?)

Three of my poems were longlisted for the Mslexia Women’s Poetry Competition of 2015, which was nice.

I was really excited to have some poems picked by Steven Camden to go in the schools resources pack he made for Scottish Book Trust. My poems, taught in schools! That’s a major bucket list thing, right there.

My poem ‘Leaves’ was selected for the Writers for Calais Refugees project.

I recorded a podcast for Scottish PEN: in conversation with Iranian poet Sepideh Jodeyri. As part of it, you can hear me reading one of my poems.

I was really excited to have two poems published by the brilliant Island Review. Two more coming in the new year!

One of my poems came second in the Oxford Brookes International Poetry Competition 2015. Another was shortlisted.

I had one poem shortlisted for inclusion in the Black&Blue anthology Revolution — I didn’t get in, but I was shortlisted. I got a congratulatory email and everything. Odd but nice.

I have one poem forthcoming in the anthology CAPITALS (alongside George Szirtes, Kwame Dawes and Ruth Padel, among others).

Publications and awards in 2014

The wonderful Istanbul Review made me their Featured Poet and published six of my poems.

Glamour magazine published a version of my “Living Not Together” article in their bright pink Katy Perry issue! LOOK Magazine also published a version as part of a coverline feature.

My poem “Poltergeistrix” was recorded by Inky Fingers and featured in the IndieFeed Performance Poetry Podcast.

One of my poems was accepted for publication in New Writing Scotland 32: Songs of Other Places.

I was included in Diane Severson’s Where Rockets Burn Through podcast, in which she performed numerous poems from the anthology.

I had a poem, “Hometown,” featured by Scottish Book Trust as part of their Scotland’s Stories of Home campaign.

“Hometown” was also published in the Scottish Sunday Mail! (NB: I did not send it to them!)

Poltergeistrix” was accepted for inclusion in the For Books’ Sake all-female anthology Furies, published in September 2014.

Three poems from my as-yet-unpublished first collection MS This changes things selected for inclusion in Be The First To Like This: New Scottish Poetry. Published by Vagabond Voices in September 2014.

I spoke about my Creative Writing PhD at The University of Edinburgh’s The Writing Business event.

The as-yet-unpublished MS for “This changes things” was shortlisted for the inaugural Edwin Morgan Poetry Award, the largest single poetry award in the UK. It turned out to be one of the winners on the night!

This changes things was accepted for publication by none other than Bloodaxe Books, my dream publisher!

My poem “Dukkha” was shortlisted for the Dermot Healy Poetry Prize.

My poem “Jack” was runner-up in the Mslexia Women’s Poetry Competition, and was published in Mslexia”s Autumn 2014 issue.

I was a guest speaker at LitSoc’s Writers at the Pleasance, giving advice to brand new poets on how to get published and stuff.

I have a poem in Vol 10, Issue 4 of the Scottish Review of Books.

Two poems of mine were published in the 10-year anniversary print edition of Amelia’s Magazine.

I had one poem, which I wrote for the Norman MacCaig centenary, published in the brand new e-zine HotTubAstronaut!

Publications and awards in 2013

I reviewed Kerry Hardie’s “The Oak & The Ash & The Wild Cherry Tree” for the Edinburgh Review, Issue 136. Gallery Press liked the review so much they put it onto their site!

I wrote for The Skinny’s Deviance section once again, this time on sex ed in schools.

I had two poems in Octavius, Issue 2.

I judged the Sentinel Literary Quarterly’s summer poetry contest.

I was The F Word’s guest blogger for June, and wrote features for them on feminism and the environment, why the next Doctor Who really shouldn’t be white and male yet again, on the 2013 Edinburgh sauna raids, on the Making It Home Project, and on tackling transphobic language.

I have a poem in the Making It Home Book — which all of YOU lovely people funded! Thank you! — and have done a ton of PR stuff for this project all over the place. This included reading and chatting with other project co-ordinators in the Scottish Poetry Library’s Making It Home podcast.

I had two poems accepted for the brilliant online anthology Fit To Work: Poets Against ATOS.

I had another piece published by The Skinny: on what intersectionality is and why you should practice it.

My poem, “Prayer,” was published in The Feminist Wire’s “Love For Love” issue.

One of my poems appeared in the Salt Book of New Writing 2013.

Publications and awards in 2012

I was awarded one of the Scottish Book Trust’s New Writers Awards for 2012.

My essay, ‘”Hapless straight ladies”: pop feminism’s exclusionist tendencies’, (read an excerpt here) was shortlisted for the Feminist and Women’s Studies Association Essay Prize and will be published in the Journal of International Women’s Studies.

One poem in the Lung Jazz: Young British Poets for Oxfam anthology.

One poem — an extended sonnet, no less — published in Popshot 7: The Power Issue.

Two poems accepted by Words Dance, which is a brilliant magazine, if I do say so myself (and I do). One is The Typist. The other is Sadness.

One poem accepted by the24project: submissions open for 24 hours, everything published with no curatorship, the whole thing taken down after one week — SO FREAKING COOL. They took my poem “Sweethearts” — up for a mere seven days!

Three poems in Drey (issue 4, “Henge”).

One poem in Bare Hands Poetry, Issue 7.

I reviewed “Bevel” by William Letford for the Scottish Review of Books.

I also reviewed Liz Lochhead’s “A Choosing” for the Edinburgh Review Issue 134.

Two poems in Alliterati Magazine, Issue 7

I wrote an article about having “a room of one’s own” for writing at The Peripatetic Studio.

Three poems accepted by editor Russell Jones for Where Rockets Burn Through: Contemporary Science Fiction Poetry from the UK published by Penned in the Margins.

I wrote a feature for The Skinny’s Deviance section, on comedians and their obsession with domestic abuse jokes.

I wrote two features for xoJane: an It Happened To Me, and an ‘Issues’ one about the so-called Mayan apocalypse.

I placed first in the inaugural 2012 International Salt Prize for Poetry, for my poem “Fire Comes.”

Publications and awards in 2011

I had a poem chosen and my portrait shot for Chris Park and Thom Laycock’s “Dualism” project. The photo and poem appeared in Buzz Magazine.

I was interviewed by The Observer about my collection of typewriters (and writing poetry on them), and photographed by Murdo McLeod.

(originally in The Guardian) and The Observer interview were basically pinched and reproduced by Writing Ball

The Mermaid and the Sailors was published by Red Squirrel Press, and unofficially launched at my reading at StAnza festival in March.

One poem in Forest Publications’ Bedtime Stories: an anthology of erotic literature

I had a slam named after one of my poems.

One very rude poem about Wakefield in the “London Calling” issue of PANK.

One poem in Dark Horse, Issue 27.

Two poems — A list of things and Little Sister — published by Cavalier: Literary Couture.

I had a poem and two translations published in the official 2011 City2Cities festival book. I also attended the festival, representing Scotland.

My article, “A different Beat: fifty years of literary counter-culture in Edinburgh” appeared in the Edinburgh Review, Issue 133. Read an excerpt here.

I won the 2011 Mookychick Femflash Contest.

Publications and awards in 2010

My now-infamous “typewriter poem” was published in The Guardian. It’s been read at so many events now that I think everyone within a fifty mile radius of Edinburgh must have heard it at least once.

I had a poem in the brilliant Anything Anymore Anywhere.

I had two poems in Cleaves Issue 2, the ‘Scotland’ section.

I was inteviewed by Amy Blakemore for YM: New Work In Poetry

I had an essay on poetry contest judging in Anon Issue 7. Read an excerpt here. I’ve also written a bit about Anon here.

My poem “Visiting Nannie Grey” won the 2010 Virginia Warbey Poetry Prize.

I had three poems published in Etcetera. “Male Privilege” went on to win the 2011 Mookychick FemFlash Contest.

Publications and awards in 2009

Another poem in Tontine, Issue 15

Sometime in the new year I was nominated for the Scottish Variety Best New Writer of the Year Award.

Moloch, Issue 3. An earlier version of this poem appeared in Snakeskin, and it later went into The Mermaid and the Sailors. I was chuffed to have the poem accompanied by art from my brilliant friend Sarah Quigley.

One poem in Veto Magazine, apparently also defunct now.

One haiku in StAnza Festival’s Homecoming Haiku anthology. This later went into Form.Reborn, too.

I had two poems published in The Golden Hour Book Vol. 2

One poem at Thirteen Myna Birds, April 09 Their rule is, poems get “disappeared” after a while — but I wrote a bit about the experience here.

One poem published in Edinburgh College Of Art’s “DUO” anthology (in collaboration with artist Lizzy Stuart)

One poem, which you can find by clicking “Poems”, in The Glasgow Review. I did a wee write up on this as well.

I had a zombie-licious poem in the anthology Vicious Verses and Reanimated Rhymes: Zany Zombie Poetry for the Undead Head.

I was interviewed by Will Soule in The Clearfield Review. I love this magazine, and wrote about why here. I believe it’s down for the time being, but hopefully to return.

Three tiny poems, which I’d forgotten I’d ever written, over at Form.Reborn. I remember writing nice things about the magazine, though.

I gave my thoughts on poetic Edinburgh in Vivien Devlin’s Edinburgh & South East Scotland: A New Edinburgh Travel Guide

An anti-consumerist poem at Stop Buying Stuff (NB: it’s a PDF).

Three poems, and a very funny photo of me, at The Cadaverine. Here’re my thoughts on the zine.

Another poem at a handful of stones

A sestina, no less, at The Chimaera

My first ever tattoo — a chest piece — was featured at Tattoosday as part of their tattooed poets project (you need to scroll down quite a long way). They also featured a quite bad tattoo-related poem that I wrote in a rush to accompany the tattoo feature, over at Oxypoet.

Several poems featured entirely without my permission (um, yay?) in the The London Poetry Pearl Anthology.

A poem in Trespass, Issue 8.

A poem in Umbrella, which later went on to become the opening poem in The Mermaid and the Sailors. It was also nominated for a Best of the Web award.

Publications and awards in 2008

Five poems published and translated into Italian in Luath’s 5Px2 poetry anthology

One poem in Pomegranate Issue 3, also recorded for Poetcasting.

The Wednesday Poem in The Journal newspaper, 14th February ’08. This poem also appeared in Read This Magazine Issue 5, and won the 2008 Lewis Edwards Award for Poetry.

One poem in Tontine, Issue 11

One poem in The Herald Newspaper, 28th March ’08. The sonnet in question, “Night Life,” also won the 2008 Grierson Verse Prize.

Joint winner: The 2008 Sloan Prize for Writing in Lowland Scots Vernacular (short fiction).

Two poems in The Delinquent, Issue Five. Read more about the fabulousness of The Delinquent here.

A poem in Dash Literary Journal, Issue One. Read a bit more about Dash here.

Two poems in Snakeskin, May 2008 Issue (No. 144). Both poems later went into The Mermaid and the Sailors.

Two poems in The Edinburgh Review, Issue 123: Caribbean Logic. One of these poems was later chosen to appear in the Scottish Poetry Library’s 2008 Best Scottish Poems of the Year anthology. Read it here.

The Scottish Poetry Library Reading Room (my review of Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”). This review was later developed into part of a podcast. Listen here.

A piece in Poetry News Summer ’08

One poem in Gloom Cupboard, Issue 43. Read my thoughts on Gloom Cupboard here.

A poem in the inaugural issue of Bottom of the World Magazine, which now appears to be sadly defunct. Its memory lives on in this ONS post!

Two poems at Textualities (the other one’s here). “I’m Sorry…” later went into The Mermaid and the Sailors.

One poem at Bolts of Silk, which I wrote a bit about here.

A poem (except the BBC inexplicably pulled out all the line breaks…?), as part of the BBC Radio Scotland: Days Like This project.

One poem in Eildon Tree Magazine.

Two poems in Poetry Scotland, Autumn 08. One was the title poem from The Mermaid and the Sailors, and was featured in the Scottish Poetry Library’s 2009 Best Scottish Poems of the Year anthology.

Spark Bright, Issue One (available as a free PDF if you click the link!). The Sparkbright folk also wrote a lovely, gushing post about One Night Stanzas. Blush!

One poem at a handful of stones. I wrote a bit about ahos right here.

I won the William Sharpe Hunter Memorial Scholarship for my work on the University of Edinburgh’s MSc Creative Writing (Poetry).

Publications and awards in 2007

My first ever magazine publication! Two poems in NewLeaf 22 and then another in Newleaf 23. Read more about Newleaf, and why they’re awesome, here.

LostCauseMagazine: the Lost Cause Quarterly (short fiction)

A selection of poems at

A poem in Open Wide Magazine, Issue 20, which you can actually read online here. Read more about Open Wide here.

A poem in Brittle Star Magazine, Issue 18. Read more about Brittle Star here.

A very bad poem over at The Beat.

Either one or two poems, I can’t remember, in The Rountable Review, which sadly seems to be defunct now.

Several poems in Poet’s Letter Magazine, also defunct.


Have I missed something? Probably. Please do tell me if your magazine hosted me and I haven’t given you a mention!

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