“You Old Soak” by Chris Lindores: now available to buy from Read This Press

So, you’ve all been putting up with my twittering on about Skin Deep, basically forever… well, here’s Skin Deep‘s sister project (or perhaps I should say dirty old uncle project?). You Old Soak is the very first pamphlet collection of up-and-coming young Scottish poet Chris Lindores, who you may remember, as he was ONS‘ first ever Featured Poet all the way back in September ’08!

I’ll be writing a proper review of the book in a little while, but for now I’ll let you check out some of his work yourselves. I’ll just say this: Chris’ work is dark, subtle, funny, irreverant, touching and really, really smart. You Old Soak is a full forty pages of pure poetic goodness and I highly recommend it!

Every copy has been lovingly handmade by me. The covers are 200gsm cardstock, and every one has been hand-bleached and decorated to make every pamphlet unique. Staple-bound and printed on high-quality pages, you get a whole lot of pamphlet for your money! Copies are priced at £4/$6 plus p&p. Click the button below, or visit the Etsy store to grab your copy.

Remember, every single copy of Read This, Skin Deep or You Old Soak that you buy contributes towards keeping Read This Press going. Support us, we’re a micropress — and we couldn’t do it without you!

Don’t forget to visit the One Night Stanzas store & The Read This Store!

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5 Responses to ““You Old Soak” by Chris Lindores: now available to buy from Read This Press”

  1. Rob Says:

    “I’ll be writing a proper review of the book in a little while…”

    Claire, you don’t mean that, do you? You’ll be publicising it and telling us all about it, and asking us to buy it etc, which is fair enough and entirely what I’d expect.

    But you’re the publisher. You can’t review the books you publish. Publishers give them to other people to review!

  2. One Night Stanzas » Blog Archive » More on “You Old Soak” by Chris Lindores Says:

    […] as you probably already know, Read This Press‘ first ever single-poet collection — “You Old Soak” by Chris Lindores — has now gone on sale. I promised you a bit more information about it the other day, now here it […]

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