More from Featured Poet Lucy Baker

You’ve already seen one of Lucy’s poems, and hopefully you’ve checked out her deviantART page, too. I’ll be posting her interview in the next couple of days, but in the meantime here’s one of my all-time favourite poems of hers…


I want to curl myself around you fetus-like
a sad approximation of your lost child
I’ll lead him from the turtle depths
to show you his eyes his ears he’s healthy
living, grooving somewhere
I’ll pull him from the bloody deep
hold him in your palms your womb
I’ll try to show you it’s alright to live
(though you know well enough yourself)
take you to the difference where the heart beats
our woman hands entangled I will try to hold you
knot us together with faerie strings
of cerise gold hair
You’ve forgotten him but I remember
I’m waiting for you to speak.

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(Photo via Standard line delivery)

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5 Responses to “More from Featured Poet Lucy Baker”

  1. Cuppy Says:

    Very beautiful! I can see why it would be your favorite!

  2. The Goose Says:

    Yay I love this picture!

  3. annie Says:

    So sad… I think lines 3&4 are my favorites. The whole thing is beautiful. at the end I caught myself holding my breath.

  4. Braz Says:

    You’d feel with all the multi gazillion money of investment that wikipedia could invest in some a lot more servers.

  5. down Says:

    Thanks for post \o/