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Thursday, December 11th, 2008

You’ve already seen one of Lucy’s poems, and hopefully you’ve checked out her deviantART page, too. I’ll be posting her interview in the next couple of days, but in the meantime here’s one of my all-time favourite poems of hers…


I want to curl myself around you fetus-like
a sad approximation of your lost child
I’ll lead him from the turtle depths
to show you his eyes his ears he’s healthy
living, grooving somewhere
I’ll pull him from the bloody deep
hold him in your palms your womb
I’ll try to show you it’s alright to live
(though you know well enough yourself)
take you to the difference where the heart beats
our woman hands entangled I will try to hold you
knot us together with faerie strings
of cerise gold hair
You’ve forgotten him but I remember
I’m waiting for you to speak.

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(Photo via Standard line delivery)

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This week’s Featured Poet: Lucy Baker

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

OK, the Featured Poet posts are back! And I’m really excited to introduce you to the poetry of Miss Lucy Baker, former Read This editor, San Francisco Beat babe and dear friend of yours truly.
Lucy and I met about three years ago on a creative writing course, and I loved her poetry from the start. Lucy is an expert on the female writers of the Beat Generation, and her work is very much inspired by the likes of Joyce Johnson and particularly Diane Di Prima. She injects a shot of pure California sunshine (Lucy is a native of the Lamorinda suburbs of San Francisco) into everything she writes and her descriptions and word choice are always sweet and elegant. Lucy’s work has featured in The Journal newspaper and she was also a Featured Poet for Poets Letter Magazine. You can check out more of her work over at her deviantART gallery.

Lake Windermere

We are sometime tourists,
forever wanderers
in open topped buses
tie-dyed amongst Mercedes’.
Stringy haired,
smelling of campfire smoke,
our pockets filled with menthol cigarettes,
tin whistles,
and skipping stones.
We find ourselves
basking in the glow of laughter
under the dripdrip
of cave music.
Beers and sticky chocolate bars
fill our tattered canvas bags,
alongside leather flip flops,
discarded for bare footed expeditions
amongst spiders
bloodchilling streams
and daisy chains.

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(Photos by kate y-n)

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