Featured poem, ‘Pre-Genesis’ by Daniel Dowe

Secret Garden


Seven grey and rainy days
And no one to say It is good.
The backyard smells swampy
The mosquitoes are forming posses
And sunlight sends postcards saying
Wish you were here.
Meanwhile we wait for a change
For brighter and clearer and knowing.
These days, though, do fit my waiting mood.
For waiting is neither light nor dark
But somewhere in between
A dim room before the switch
The refrigerator as the door unsticks
The filled mailbox while the hinge squeaks.
Answers and arrivals have strong color—are vivid and loud
But waiting is like these seven grey and rainy days
And now I invite the sunshine and the changes in,
So God and I can say, Let there be light.
And my mud is like Adam’s, ready for a bite of knowledge.

Daniel Dowe is a high school English teacher with a Ph.D. in English and American Literature. He is from a big family. He likes old movies and red wine and talking.


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4 Responses to “Featured poem, ‘Pre-Genesis’ by Daniel Dowe”

  1. Linda Kernan Says:

    A brilliant poem; such a clever idea.
    I like “Mosquitos are forming posses” ( we get those here.)
    The last line – Wow!

  2. Susan Says:

    Marvelous!. It is good. Waiting is such greyness to me, and you capture it well, even that ironic center section of it when it anticipates what is to come. Enjoy the apple.

  3. Deanna Says:

    enjoyed it – especially how you describe the mosquitos and the fridge!

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